Monday, June 19, 2017

Still alive, just busy!

Hey everyone!

No, I did not die, I just keep running out of time and I didn't send an email out last week and I almost didn't send one this week because I am just about out of time, but I figured I still would. But how has everyone been! It has been hot here, and I am bracing myself for the summer. I forgot how hot it was lat year!! I definitely am not excited to go through one again.

Well I love Sister Stroud and my new area!!! It was been a fantastic two weeks so far and we have been seeing miracles after miracles. The Redrock YSA ward has been participating in a 40 day fast, which means a member of the ward signs up for one day out of the 40 day period and fasts for the missionary work and missionary opportunities, so someone from the ward is fasting everyday for 40 days. And man have we been seeing miracles from it!!

One of our Ward missionaries said that he had a friend that recently reached out to him and said that he wanted to learn about Mormons. Well We taught him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
it was so good!! That spirit was so strong and we invited him to be baptized on July 8th. He then asked what we thought about July 11th, because thats his birthday :) so he is set to be baptized on his birthday!! we are super excited for him :)

A less-active in the YSA ward has a girlfriend and he told us she was interested, but didn't say much else. So we decided to stop by and we met Katrina! We got to know her and we set up a return appointment. We taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well, and again, the spirit was so strong!!! It was amazing, and she expressed her desire to be baptized as well. This area is just growing and the teaching pool is getting bigger and bigger and we are so excited to be seeing all these miracles from the 40 day fast!!

Yesterday we also had a lesson with a girl named Casey and that was a cool experience! So she was a referral from another set of Sister Missionaries, and they told us that we had an appointment on Sunday at 7, and that was on Friday. We had not even met her or talked to her. So Sunday came, and we realized she lived a little far out into the upper part of our large are, and we debated about going. We had no idea if this girl even was going to be home, because she wasn't confirming or anything and we had never talked to her. So why waste
the miles to go up there if she doesn't even answer? But of course, we went anyways, fully expecting this lesson to not happen. Well my friends, I have learned to stay optimistic!! Because someone answered the door, and it was actually a member of the church. She said that Casey was on her way, and she was just a friend of hers. So we talked to her friend for a bit and then Casey arrived and we had a wonderful lesson on answering her many questions and talking about the restoration of the Gospel!! Sister Stroud and I marveled at the fact
that it happened, and what would have happened if we just didn't show up!! So, we laughed about that on the way home :)

Well, I hope you had a fantastic Father's Day! Have a great week :)

Sister Brown :)

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