Monday, July 24, 2017

If you know but don't do, then you don't know

It has been quite a week!!

Sister Cochran and I have been trying to get to know the area and investigators this week and it has gone really well!! This was the area she started in, so she knows the members pretty well already so
that's really nice.

We had a lesson this week with a man named Tom. He has been taking discussions from missionaries for a long time, and this was of course our first lesson with him. It was such a spirit guided lesson! We didn't really know much about him, so we went into that lesson with a plan, but as we got to know him we followed the spirit and it went in a completely different direction. The spirit was so strong and it was 100% guided by the spirit! I love feeling the love that God has for the people that I get to teach!

This week i learned an interesting principle. If you know, but don't do, then you don't know. At first i was a little confused, but now it makes so much sense to me!! If you know something, but if you don't do anything about it, then you don't actually know it. Like if you say you know the gospel, but you don't go to church or do anything about your knowledge, then you really don't know it. Because if you truly knew it, you would do it... if that makes sense. Well it makes sense to me and i really like it and it makes me realize that action means a
lot. It is proof of faith and so much more. If you aren't wiling to act on something, than do you really believe in it? Just a food for thought :)

I love you all!! Stay cool

Sister Brown :)

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