Monday, July 3, 2017

You do you

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

I can't believe it's July already. But the good news is, one month of summer down, 2 to go. It is getting hotter and hotter and I'm afraid it will get even hotter... that's Vegas summer for ya. But nevertheless, it is worth it!!! Being a missionary is the best thing ever, and it's even more rewarding when you do it when it's hard. And
hot :)

This week we had a miracle happen! There is this family we have been trying to get in contact with, because they are less active, but their two grandkids go to church, one of which isn't baptized but wants to be. We have tried to set up multiple appointments which eventually fall through some how. But this week the grandmother texted us randomly, asking to set an appointment! Of course we were thrilled and set up a time right away. His name is Robbie and he is 9 years old. We were able to teach him last night and it was so great! He was so
engaged and participated and asked questions and it was so fantastic. You could tell that he definitely was the one who wanted us to be there and he wants so badly to be baptized. He's so great and he should be baptized within the next couple of weeks!

We stopped by a less active YSA member this week and he said it was about time, because he thought everyone had forgotten about him by now. I thought that was so sad! Well nope, Max you have not been
forgotten! We set up an appointment for later that week and were able to sit on his porch and talk about how he joined the church and why he doesn't come now. It was a much different lesson than I have ever been
in before, because I was so distracted by the fact that he looked and acted exactly like someone in my life that I really care for and love.
As I was in that lesson and listened to his struggles, I realized that his struggles were much like the ones that I struggle with. I was able to testify to him of the Savior's love for us and how it brings peace to every aspect of our lives. I definitely felt the spirit guide me as I said words to him that I knew I should follow myself. IT was
strange, giving counsel and encouragement from the spirit to someone, but feeling like the words were meant for me as well. The spirit was so touching and reminded me again that God loves each and every one of
us and knows us personally and doesn't forget us at all in the slightest, we are the ones who forget him.

Ooo another cool experience: We were supposed to have a lesson and our ward mission leader was supposed to join us, but the lesson was canceled. So our WML asked if he could go on some visits with us, and
we asked him if he had anyone in mind. Well, the person he mentioned was a less active who had a son who had a lot of Mormon friends and we are trying to find a way to ask him if he would like to take the missionary discussions. The catch is that his less activemother is on a list of the church as someone who does not want to be contacted. My whole mission, I have avoided people who are on a list like this, because I don't want to make anyone irritated or upset. So when he suggested to go visit her, we hesitated but agreed. And I'm so glad we did! Even though we didn't make contact with the less active or the son we were looking for, we were able to talk with someone else in the household and get some more information, and also see that they are
very nice! They even invited us to their firework show they are having tomorrow! I definitely know that our WML followed the spirit and I am so glad that we followed him instead of doing what we were comfortable
with :)

Man oh man does God know me so well. I have learned this over and over again on my mission, and I will most likely continue to realize this over and over again still through different experience. I have a testimony that every single one of you are in the place you are in for a reason. I had a thought yesterday in Relief Society. If you ever feel bad about yourself or about your circumstances, change your thought to, "what is Satan trying to prevent me to do right now?" Because the only reason why you would be thinking negative is because
Satan out that thought there and he wouldnt be making you feel bad for nothing. God needs you to be you, not for you to be trying to be like someone else. So, you do you. Because that's exactly ho God needs you
to be :)

Well, I hope y'all have such a happy 4th! Watch lots of fireworks for me!! I love you all, and I hope you stay cool in this sweltering heat.

Sister Brown :)

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